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Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the Association of German Hidden Champions. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!
What does a membership in the VDHC offer?
  • Useful information (regarding the globalization of SMEs)
  • Workshops / conferences
  • Support, in particular arranging helpful contacts in the internationalization of SMEs
  • Transfer of knowledge, especially about the Chinese market
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Training measures for business and government delegations (including company visits)
  • Strategic partners in Germany and China: e.g. Simon, Kucher & Partner GmbH; CIIPA.
  • Managers of medium-sized companies are offered excellent further training by the association; especially in topics that are of central importance for German medium-sized companies, such as innovation, digitalization and corporate management.
  • In-depth study trips to German and international hidden champions
Who can become a member?

All natural and legal persons as well as companies from Germany and abroad can apply for membership. The board of the VDHC decides on the admission.

Membership fees

The membership fees are:

Individual members: 120 euros
Individual members and small businesses: scientists, consultants, specialists, companies up to 5 people etc.

SME: 360 euros
Max. 249 employees

Large companies: 480 euros
from 250 employees

The VDHC does not charge an admission fee.

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Executive Director

Georg Türk

Mr. Türk will help to answer your questions about the membership in the Association of German Hidden Champions.
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